I’m pretty sure–since you’re here–that one of your goals in life is to be an excellent wife, mother, and homemaker.

What about an excellent woman?


You are a woman now.


You will be woman if you become a wife. You will be a woman if you become a mother. You will be a woman if you never marry. You will be a woman after your children are grown. You will be a woman if/when you are widowed.


You will ALWAYS be a woman.


Wife, mother, and homemaker are potential roles. Woman in non-negotiable. Not only does your excellence as a woman matter to God, you, and everyone around you, it also is the foundation of your excellence in any other role. Your success (and happiness) as a wife, mother, and homemaker depends on who and what you are as a woman.


My aim here at The Hope Chest is to help you grow in to excellence for it’s own sake, and as a foundation for future roles.


Womanhood on The Hope Chest has two main features:

1. Womanhood Resources ~ Lists of resources (like books and websites) organized by subject.

2. The Womanhood on the blog.