13 Ways to Boost Your Granddaughter’s Hope Chest This Christmas (For Grandpa)

A gift guide for any age and any budget.  Whether your granddaughter is filling a literal hope chest or just learning how to be a homemaker right now, you can give her “hope chest” a boost this Christmas!


13 Ways to Boost Your Granddaughter's Hope Chest This Christmas

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#1 Your Favorite, Classic Book (that she will also like)

Stock her future library with old family favorites!


Sources of used books:


Biblio (used and rare books)


#2 A Family Heirloom . . .

. . . or something of yours that you no longer need but she will treasure or be able to use. Perhaps dishes or dainty linens that belonged to your mother.


#3 Mentoring Time

Yes, grandpas can mentor girls! Take her out to lunch once a month and tell her about your life experiences ~ the you lessons you learned, the decisions you’ve made, your philosophy of life. Let her ask you anything she wants!


#4 Something You Made

Do you have handy skills? Give her something you made with your owns hands for her future home.

13 Ways to Boost Your Granddaughter's Hope Chest This Christmas 

#5 A New Book for Her Library

How about a classic concordance or reference book? Or your favorite book of faith? Or a go-to how-to book that won’t soon be outdated?


#6 Teaching Time

Teach her a skill, like seed starting, painting, or  furniture refinishing.


#7 Help With a Project

If she has big, overwhelming projects in mind, pitch in! Help her make a flower bed, build a quilt frame, clean newly inherited furniture, start raising chickens, set up a mini sewing studio ~ what ever she has going!


#8 A Class

Pay for a local or online class.


Sew Confident: Essential Techniques for Beginners
Sew Confident: Essential Techniques for Beginners

from: Craftsy


#9 Sponsorship of a Specific Project

Maybe she’s been wanting to learn to knit, or make a set of table linens for her hope chest. Sponsor her! Give her the money to buy the tools, books, and supplies she needs to complete the project. Just be sure you know what you’re getting into before you promise ! 😉


#10 Help Learning a New Skill (even if you don’t already know how to do it)

Help her overcome her timidity by learning to do it with her.

Some ideas: gardening, basketry, baking, re-doing old furniture, tying a quilt.


#11 A Gift Card

The cure-all for not really knowing what to give! Give her a gift card (Amazon) specifically for learning home skills and/or filling her hope chest.


Grab a gift card here:


Mighty Nest (non-toxic and healthier products, like kitchen stuff and tableware)

Craftsy (classes)

Etsy (vintage, handmade stuff, supplies)


#12 An Experience

Do something with her or take a trip.


Some experience ideas:

A trip to a used  bookstore to find books for her future library.

A trip to a hardware or building supply store to learn about products.

A trip to a fleamarket or yard sale to learn how to determine quality, spot deals, negotiate prices, and make decisions.

If she likes to use old things, a trip to an antique store to learn which items would still be useful and which ones would only be good for decoration.

A journey to “the old home place” to learn about her family history, and old-fashioned wisdom and skill.


#13 A Coupon Book

Instead of just one thing, give her a whole bunch! Coupons could be for things like teaching a skill, picking a family heirloom (out of a pre-determined set), mentoring time together, help with a project, a new book (specify a price range), etc.

This would also be great for specific experiences that will help her grow, learn, or acquire things for her hope chest!


 How will you boost your granddaughter’s hope chest this Christmas?



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