Reality Check: What Kind of Mother Would You Be? (micro post)

I have a question for you.

Regardless of your ideas and ideals, what kind of mother do you think you would really be?

Right now. As you are.


This question was originally asked in November of 2011.


    • Becca on November 9, 2011 at 10:10 pm
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    I believe that I am lacking in this area in the means of practical application. I have very young nieces that I spend time with, but I’ve quickly learned that I need to learn more in this area! They run me ragged!! LOL…I guess I have been so busy with my own life right now (translation: school, work, church) that I don’t have much time with them, especially in the area of going somewhere alone with them. My sister in law’s sister, whom I work with, and myself took our nieces out to lunch and I was a nervous mess…because I was not used to having them with me. I believe that I have a lot ot learn…

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