Random Sewing Tips (October, 2016 Edition)

Sewing tips (and tips related to sewing) I’ve collected. For your education. I do #8 but I need to pay more attention to # 4!


Random Sewing Tips, October, 2016 Edition


Tip #1 How to repair the hole from a pulled-through button. ~ from Threads. I hope I never have to do this repair, but I’m glad to know it’s possible!


Tip #2 Use a clamp to turn fabric tubes ~ from Sew Many Ways. Who would have thought?


Tip #3 Different types of sewing machine feet (and what they do) ~ from Sew Mama Sew.  I need to explore my sewing machine’s feet. I just find what I need when I need it, but that’s an inefficient approach. What if there’s something in there that would make my life easier??


Tip #4 Preventive Sewing-Machine Maintenance ~ from Threads. 


Tip #5 Sewing Clothing with Quilting Cotton: Hints & Tips ~ from Tilly and the Buttons. I appreciate this list of things to keep in mind with using quilting cottons for clothing. There are so many pretty quilting cottons and so few pretty floral prints for clothing.


Tip #6 How to puff a sleeve. ~ from Sew Blessed. I didn’t know I needed this, but, of course, if I ever make another little girls dress with puffy sleeves (and I hope I do), I’ll have to try this!


Tip #7 Avoid some common problems with fabric choices ~ from  Coletterie. Are you choosing the wrong fabrics for your projects?


Tip #8 How to UN-thread a sewing machine ~ from Sew Blessed. Did you know this?


Tip #9 How to slip stitch a seam closed ~ from Michelle Patterns. Hmm. I think I’m gonna have to try this! I think the results would be neater than what I’ve achieved so far.


That’s it for today!

Did you learn anything you think you can use?



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