If you were a mother . . . (image post)

If you were a mother . . .

Skills I Want {Free Printable}

Skills I Want Printable {Free Printable}

A handy place to note homemaking related skills you’d like to develop, and their priority.

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A Marriage Tip from Virtuous Weddings (#4)

How does THIS marriage tip apply to you?

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Improve Your Cooking Skills With This Free Cooking Class!

Need some help?

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Heads Up: Craftsy class sale ends today! (9/27/15)

‘Love of Learning Sale’ with 550+ online classes for $20 and under! This sale ends 9/27/2015.    

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Better Is Little (micro post)

Better is little with the fear of the Lord than great treasure and trouble therewith. ~ Proverbs 15:16

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God has a plan for your life . . . (image post)

God has a plan for your life . . .

  Are you following it?  

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Need An Easy Sewing Project for Beginners? (micro post)

Here you go!

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Reality Check: What Kind of Mother Would You Be? (micro post)

I have a question for you.

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Have You Ever Tried Napkin Folding? (micro post)

Now’s a good time!

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