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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy ~ To to user of this site:

Non-personally Identifiable Data
I have access to information about the use of my website (such as the number of visitors each day, search strings used to find my site, etc.), as do all other websites. I may share this information with anyone I want to, such as family or advertisers.

Personally-Identifiable Data
I will not sell or rent e-mail addresses or other personal information, and I will not share or post any such information without the owner’s permission.

I may post or otherwise use (such as for promotion or sharing with my family) comments or parts of comments sent to me in any way. I will not post or share personally identifiable information, such as full name or e-mail address, without the owner’s permission EXCEPT THAT I may share with my family or close friends that, for example, the owner of “such and such website” said “such and such” about my website. etc. I completely respect your privacy. However, I also believe in being able to communicate openly (within reason) with my family about what is going on in my life. Such information will not be made PUBLIC without your permission.

When I post comments sent to me I will post no more than first name, last name initial, and state of residence, and/or description (e.g. “a mom in Texas” or “Leanne, new wife”) unless other arrangements have been made. All comments or submissions will be posted anonymously upon request, and comments will not be posted if the commenter requests that I not post them.

This website contains many external links. Whenever you click on a link that takes you away from The Hope Chest, you become subject to the terms of use and privacy policy of the website you have entered and I am not responsible for their policies and terms.

Please note that my retail store (linked to from this website) has its own policies and terms!