If You Learn to Knit: Things You Can Knit for Your {Future} Baby

If you learn to knit, here are some of the things you could make for your babies!


If You Learn to Knit: Things You Can Knit for Your {Future} Baby

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Things for Little Feet and Hands

For little hands and feet you can knit mittens, booties, and socks!


Things for Little Heads

For those sweet little heads you can make bonnets, caps, and hats of all kinds.

Like this Lace Baby Bonnets by Stella Ackroyd. Lace Baby Bonnets by Stella Ackroyd

Things for Care and Comfort

Keep baby warm with various blankets/afghans ~ made by you! And did you know you can knit baby washcloths?



Little Things to Wear

For clothing, you can knit  bubble suits, warm pants, dresses, buntings, or diaper covers.


 Baby Pants Diaper Cover by OasiDellaMagliaBaby Pants Diaper Cover by OasiDellaMaglia


Lace Trellis Baby Dress Knit ePatternLace Trellis Baby Dress Knit ePattern



Or complete layettes, like these Lovely Layettes from Leisure Arts.

Lovely Layettes


 Or a lovely cardigan or pullover sweater.


  Quick Oats by Taiga HilliardQuick Oats by Taiga Hilliard



Little Things to Play With

From blocks to . . . elephants? Apparently!


Cutest Ever Baby Toys to Knit


Knitting Resources for You

Craftsy Knitting 

Leisure Arts Learning to Knit


Free baby patterns (knitting, crocheting, and sewing)

 Knitting books at Amazon.com


What do you think? Do you think you would like to learn to knit?


If you already knit, what do you plan to make for your babies?


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