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Heads Up: Craftsy Class Sale (Ends October 31, 2016)

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Definitions: Thankful (#1)


Impressed with a sense of kindness received, and ready to acknowledge it. . . .


Source: A 1913 dictionary.

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Are Your Candles Safe?

Do you love candles?

The flickering light. The homeyness. The fragrance. The romance.


For all they have going for them, they do have drawbacks. Are your candles safe?


Everyone loves a nice smelling home, and candles are an easy aroma source! But did you know there are lots of toxins in candles, filling your home with more than just a nice fragrance?


Find out more: Toxins in Candles: Sad, But True – Keeper of the Home


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Heads Up: Craftsy class sale ends today! (9/27/15)

‘Love of Learning Sale’ with 550+ online classes for $20 and under! This sale ends 9/27/2015.


Social Crocheting


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Have You Ever Tried Napkin Folding? (micro post)

The next time a meal comes around, give this one a try and practice up for those special occasions when you really want to set a fancy table.