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Understanding Thread Tension (micro post)

Have tension problems? Yeah, me too.


Or just have problems with your sewing and you don’t know why? It might be the tension!

The first step to solving thread tension problems is understanding how thread tension works in the first place. Here’s an article from Threads explaining it: Understanding Thread Tension.


Definitions: Love (#1)


Preeminent kindness or devotion to another; affection; tenderness; as, the love of brothers and sisters.


Source: A 1913 Dictionary

Find out more . . . about definitions at The Hope Chest.

What would your mission as a mother be? (micro post)

Kat, over at Inspired to Action, talks about motherhood and why mothers need a mission statement.  You can even start working on creating your own mission statement!

Athough it’s meant for current mothers, it may change the way you think about motherhood.


What do you think about the concept of having a motherhood mission statement?


Heads Up: “Kitchen Skills Bundle” SALE Ends Today! (Oct 27, 2015)

A big bundle of kitchen skills resources, on sale for only $7.77 ~ but you have to grab it TODAY!

“How to Teach Your Kids to Help In the Kitchen . .  Without Creating a Disaster.”


Get it here: “Kitchen Skills Bundle” Sale – Last Call: Ends Tuesday! | The Tutor for Charlotte Mason & Classical Educators


A Marriage Tip from Virtuous Weddings (#8)

“Remember that you’re not always right.”


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What’s the Difference Between a Hand Mixer and a Stand Mixer? (micro post)


This article from explains the advantages and disadvantages of each:  Hand Mixer vs. Stand Mixer: What’s the Difference?


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Godliness comes before cleanliness (image post)

Godliness comes before cleanliness.

Fear God (micro post)

Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.


~ Revelation 14:7

Learning How to Sew?

Here’s a lengthy “learn to sew” series you don’t want to miss!


Some topics covered:

  • Choosing a sewing machine
  • How to stitch
  • Tips for accurate sewing
  • Make a skirt
  • Interfacing fabric
  • How to insert a sleeve
  • Sewing with stripes

And lots more in between all of those!

Get it here: Tilly and the Buttons: LEARN TO SEW.


Definitions: Faith (#4)


The assent of the mind to the statement or proposition of another, on the ground of the manifest truth of what he utters.


Source: A 1913 dictionary.

Find out more . . . about definitions at The Hope Chest.

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