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On parenting boys (micro post)

Amy of Homestead Revival explains how she thinks living close to the land can help boys. Check it out here: Homestead Revival: How Living Close to the Land Can Help Boys!  What do you think?


Although you can certainly comment on the post over at Homestead Revival, if you’d like to talk about it ~ or similar topics ~ in a Hope Chest context, feel free to come back and comment here!


Future Mom Question ~ Fear (micro post)

Here’s a question for you!


What are your greatest fears about being a mother?


Do you think those fears are realistic? What do you need to do to deal with those fears?

What would your mission as a mother be? (micro post)

Kat, over at Inspired to Action, talks about motherhood and why mothers need a mission statement.  You can even start working on creating your own mission statement!

Athough it’s meant for current mothers, it may change the way you think about motherhood.


What do you think about the concept of having a motherhood mission statement?


If You Learn to Knit: Things You Can Knit for Your {Future} Baby

If you learn to knit, here are some of the things you could make for your babies!


If You Learn to Knit: Things You Can Knit for Your {Future} Baby

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Surrendering to the Call of Motherhood ~ Jenni Mullinix

Motherhood is a calling that requires surrender. Check out these 4 questions to ponder how much you are willing to sacrifice for the sake of your children.

Read here: Surrendering to the Call of Motherhood |Jenni Mullinix


If you were a mother . . . (image post)

If you were a mother . . .

Reality Check: What Kind of Mother Would You Be? (micro post)

I have a question for you.

Regardless of your ideas and ideals, what kind of mother do you think you would really be?

Right now. As you are.


This question was originally asked in November of 2011.

A Thought from Keeping Home: On Motherhood

“If You Are a Mother, You Are a Missionary.”


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