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How to Use Craftsy As a Learning Resource

Craftsy is an online video-based class provider in the crafting niche. It’s a great learning resource! This post will show you how to use Craftsy as a learning resource to help prepare you to be an excellent wife, mother, and homemaker (if that’s not your aim, you may have landed on the wrong blog ~ but go ahead and read the post. It’s adaptable!).
Hint: No learning budget? No problem. Read the post anyway. It’s for you too!
How to Use Craftsy As a Learning Resource
Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This means that I could earn a commission if you purchase something (or perform some other desired action) after clicking through one of them. This doesn't cost you any more or affect you in any way.
First, a little more about Craftsy.
Craftsy offers hundreds of online video classes on sewing, quilting, knitting, crocheting, cake decorating, photography, cooking, baking, drawing, painting, embroidery, jewelry, paper crafting, woodworking, gardening, weaving, spinning, and more.
You can build knowledge and skills in homemaking basics with cooking and baking classes, pursue special homemaking interests with topics like sewing, knitting, and gardening, and round out your personal development with topics like drawing and woodworking.
Here’s how. 🙂

Take Online Video Classes

The obvious. 🙂 Like I said, Craftsy offers HUNDREDS of classes. Some are Craftsy classes, some are third-party classes.
You can view all classes here and filter by topic and price range. Prices range from $.9.99 to over $100. Class sales are common so if you simply can’t swallow the price of a class you want to take, be patient and vigilant. It may eventually come around to a price you can handle. 🙂
Major categories of interest:
When viewing individual class categories, you can also filter by skill level and other factors. Yay!
Classes vary but each class page offers a ton of information about the class: what it includes and what to expect (including reviews!). Once you purchase a class, it’s in your “class library” and you can view it at any time.  Some classes are also available as DVDs. Clicking “DVD” under “Format” on the class page will show you more information about the class in DVD format. 
Hint: try a free class (more info below) first to make sure your device can handle the class videos.


Take Free Classes

Yes, free! They’re “mini” classes but do teach and are also a good way to test out the Craftsy system to see if it’s for you.
Some highlights:

Complete Knife Skills Cooking Class

Sew Ready: Machine Basics Sewing Class

Piece, Patch, Quilt: Basic Quiltmaking Skills Quilting Class


Use Craft Patterns

You can use patterns to learn new techniques or to help you with skill-building projects. Some patterns are free!
On the All Patterns page you can filter by category, skill level, price, and more.
Pattern pages for specific skills offer even more filtering options:
Patterns are digital downloads from Craftsy and from other sellers/designers. Pattern pages contain lots of information, including reviews.

Use Project Kits

Project Kits can make conquering something new easier. Instead of spending your time and energy on finding all the right materials for your project, you can just jump right in and focus on learning new skills.
Here’s the project kits page where you can filter by category (i.e. craft), project type, and price level.
You can also shop for kits in individual skill sections, such as sewing, which gives you more filtering options.
Hint: There are kits under $10.

Use Craft supplies

How do you learn from supplies? Well, mostly you learn from supplies by using them. You learn to crochet by crocheting, you learn to sew by sewing, etc. Any supply source (such as Craftsy) can help you do that! Craftsy‘s supplies include fabric, yarn, sewing tools and notions, and cake decorating supplies.
You can also learn a lot about a craft simply by browsing supplies (as well as books, patterns, and classes) and reading their descriptions. It’s a great way to:
Figure out if it’s something you want to pursue
Get started by learning about the materials and tools used
Build your knowledge about materials and tools when you can’t afford books or classes
Learn what’s on the market (which is important knowledge in itself) and it’s relative quality and usefulness

Read the Blog

Craftsy also has a blog which includes informational posts on all of Craftsy‘s topics (sewing, knitting, gardening, woodworking, etc. ).


Get Ideas for Your Next Projects

Craftsy offers lots of ideas, including member’s projects, to inspire you. You can even keep track of ideas you like by adding them to your favorites.
You can find “Ideas” under each category’s main page (i.e. Quilting, Sewing, Knitting).

Download Free  Guides

Free, downloadable, Craftsy exclusive how-to guides. Need I say more?

Have you used Craftsy in any of these ways? What are you going to do next?





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