14 Ways to Boost Your Daughter’s Hope Chest This Christmas (for Moms)


Whether your daughter is filling a literal hope chest or just learning how to be a homemaker right now, give her “hope chest” a boost this Christmas!

Here’s  a gift guide for any age and any budget.

14 Ways to Boost Your Daughter's Hope Chest This Christmas

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#1 Space to Work or Store Stuff

So that she can easily learn the skills she needs, store her tools, and store her hope chest goodies!

#2 Home Comforts

A modern (and thorough) housekeeping manual. Get the hardback edition, if you can (it’s a thick book!). I highly recommend it as a reference manual and have always thought it would make a good textbook too!

Home Comforts: The Art and Science of Keeping House


#3 Time

Spend time with her either helping her with learning projects (like sewing, gardening, or baking), or helping her choose or make things for her hope chest.

  • Offer to help her with a specific project or with a project of her choice.
  • Set aside specific mentoring time.
  • Offer to teach her a specific skill.
  • Take her shopping.

#4 Something Handmade by You

Nothing could be more special!

Here are some ideas if you sew:


A tablecloth


If you knit:

A blanket

A dishcloth


If you crochet:

A cozy throw

A doily

A potholder set

If you cross stitch or embroider:

Bread cloths

Fancy towels

If you don’t do anything:

Make her a book of wisdom or a scrapbook of family history. See the links at the end of the post for more info!


14 Ways to Boost Your Daughter's Hope Chest This Christmas

#5 Your Favorite Homey Book

That you think she will use either now or later.


Book sources:


Deborah & Co

Dover Publications

Biblio (used and rare books)


#6 Something Fun and Creative

Maybe a crafty book, or a book on something like napkin folding or gift wrapping. Or some supplies to try a craft she would enjoy.


A Weaver's Garden: Growing Plants for Natural Dyes and Fibers
A Weaver’s Garden: Growing Plants for Natural Dyes and Fibers – $11.95

from: Dover Publications


#7 The Hidden Art of Homemaking

A book about art in everyday life (which I love!).


The Hidden Art of Homemaking


#8 Homemaking Toys

For younger girls, get some homemaker toys! She’ll enjoy them but they’ll also help her learn how to be a homemaker.

Here are some possibilities:

Tableware set

Child-sized broom

Kitchen utensils

Pots and pans

Mini muffin pan


#9 The Girl’s Guide to Home Skills

From MarmeeDear &Co or from The Homemaker’s Mentor.


#10 Canning Jars or Supplies


Glass Juice Canning Jar, 2 sizesGlass Juice Canning Jar, 2 sizes
from: MightyNest LLC


Canning Jars, sets of 6 or 12Canning Jars, sets of 6 or 12
from: MightyNest LLC


#11 A Versatile Pattern or Pattern Book You Know She’ll Use


30 Easy-To-Crochet Stitches
30 Easy-To-Crochet Stitches

from: Leisure Arts, Inc.


Kwik Sew K3106 Nightgowns Sewing Pattern, Size XS-S-M-L-XL


#12 Pretty Home Decor Items (or Tableware) That Are Just Her Style

Honestly, the first place I would look for these would be my local Goodwill store, followed by other thrift stores! I would also check Etsy vintage. However, that does depend a lot of the style of the women you’re buying for!


Some ideas:

Serving platters

Serving bowls

Candle holders


Picture frames



If you have no idea what she would want, get her a gift certificate or set aside some money specifically for this purpose (and combine #12 and #3).


#13 A Book or Pattern Specifically for Making Things for her Hope Chest

I like this one for a full-grown daughter. What about embroidery or cross-stitch patterns for girls?


Leisure Arts has books and ebooks for knitting, crocheting, cross stitch, and other crafts (+ yarn).

Also see the links below and above for more sources and ideas!

Robert Kaufman Carolina Gingham Fabric CollectionRobert Kaufman Carolina Gingham Fabric Collection
from: Craftsy


#14 Materials Specifically for Making Things for Her Hope Chest

Like fabric or yarn. Or notions! Or trim!  Grab some fabricnotions, or yarn. You could even make her a kit! Or, if you have no idea what she would want to make, give her a gift certificate or a specific amount of money for this purpose. 


  • Did you know that you can get free FREE SHIPPING on orders $35+ from Fabric.com?
  • Check the Fabric.com Coupon Corner!
  • I highly recommend that you check out Crafty’s Black Friday Sale.
  • Actually, it’s a good idea to shop anywhere on Black Friday (or the evening before, or the whole weekend, or Cyber Monday) if you can squeeze in the time! And by “anywhere” I mean anywhere online. I’m not sure fighting crowds is EVER a good idea!


Do you have any more ideas? How will you boost your daughter’s hope chest this Christmas?


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