12 Ways to Boost Your Granddaughter’s Hope Chest This Christmas (For Grandmas)

Whether your granddaughter is filling a literal hope chest or just learning how to be a homemaker right now, give her “hope chest” a boost this Christmas!

Here’s  a gift guide for any age and any budget. 

12 Ways to Boost Your Granddaughter's Hope Chest This Christmas

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#1 A Family Heirloom or Something of Yours That You No Longer Need

Almost anything of yours (if you’ve had it a while) will be a family heirloom to her!


#2 A Photo Album or Photo Book

Of you and grandpa ~ of your lives together. Or make a scrapbook.

Never made a scrapbook before? Try these resources:


Or of yourself from babyhood to your marriage.


Photo Books Sources:





#3 A Serving Dish

Or other serving piece that fits her style and will also fit in with most any dinnerware she'll later own. Suggestions: bowls, platters, cake plates, pitchers,

Daily Grace - Grace for Today - Serving Bowl
from: DaySpring Cards Inc



#4 Handmade Item, Made by You


Big ideas:

A quilt

A hope chest

A crocheted tablecloth


Medium Ideas:

A doily

Pillow covers


Little Ideas:

A potholder



More ideas: Little Handmade Gifts for the Kitchen 42 Ideas


#5 Offer to Teach a Skill

Or give her a certain number of lessons. Or weekly lessons.


#6 Offer to Help With a Project

If she has big, overwhelming projects in mind, pitch in! Help her make a flower bed, make her first quilt, clean newly inherited furniture, set up a mini sewing studio, make her first apple butter ~ what ever she has going! 


#7 Offer to Mentor for a Specified Time

Spend time together once a week or once a month sharing life experiences and learning new skills.


#8 Fabrics (or Old Clothing) Meaningful to You to Put In a Quilt

If you're really ambitious, make her a little scrapbook of the fabrics and their stories!

12 Ways to Boost Your Granddaughter's Hope Chest This Christmas

#9 Scrapbook of Family Members She Doesn't Know With Anecdotes About Them.

Or a photo album or photo book. I'm thinking deceased relatives, here, because you could just introduce her to the living ones!


#10 Extra Family Photos

Of you, her mom or dad, aunts and uncles, your parents, etc, carefully selected and protected.


#11 A Gift Card

Not a crafter, do-it-yourself-er, or keeper of photos? 😉 This might be a good option for you!

Give her a gift card to buy  things to put in her hope chest, books or materials to make items for her hope chest, or books to help her learn homemaking skills.


Some suggestions:


Mighty Nest (non-toxic and healthier products, like kitchen stuff and tableware)

Craftsy (classes)

Etsy (vintage, handmade stuff, supplies)


#12 A Shopping Trip

 Of her choice or yours. It might be to: 

  • Buy supplies for a project
  • Learn how to shop
  • Buy things for her hope chest
  • Learn about products


How will you contribute to your granddaughter’s hope chest this Christmas?


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  1. I found you today on The Modest Mom.

    A HOPE CHEST, believe it or not, I have not thought about hope chests in years. I had one when I was young, but I never thought about getting one for my granddaughters. I was delighted to find you. You have given me some great ideas for Christmas!

    I am a scrapbooker and have given them to various family members.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Great! I’m glad you stopped by (and happy Thanksgiving to you as well).

      I would love to know what you end up doing for your granddaughters! 🙂

  2. Great ideas! My daughters hope chesthas expanded into what my husband refers too as a hope barn! Lots of boxes in our barn forher future home. She is engaged now and next fall will be fun as we help her unpack the boxes of treasures in her new home. Right now I
    am machine embroidering kitchen towels and crocheting dishloths in matching colors. Will probably add some holiday themed sets also. I am working on this while she is at work so there are surprises for her to open at showers.

    1. That sounds like fun!

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