12 Ways to Boost Your Daughter’s Hope Chest This Christmas (for Dads)

Does you daughter have a hope chest? Would she like one?

No matter her age or your budget, this gift guide will help you give  her “hope chest” a boost this Christmas!


12 Ways to Boost Your Daughter's Hope Chest This Christmas

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#1 Buy or Build Her a Hope Chest


Chest Sources:


One Way Furniture

Plans to buy: 

Lee Valley Tools


Free Plans:



#2 Get Her Some Sturdy Storage Containers

If she doesn’t have a hope chest and a real hope chest is not an option (or she has one but it’s too small to hold everything), buy her some good, sturdy storage containers.

#3 Share Your Personal or Family History With Her

Record stories of your childhood. Make her a book ~ hand made, or handwritten, or professionally printed (see below). If you’re a writer, do it like a writer. If you’re not a writer, do it like a non-writer. You know, just write down the incidents as you remember them. Or make a photo book  (like I suggested for Grandma) with captions.


#4 Write Her a Book of Wisdom

Don’t skip this one even if you’re not a writer! Your book can be just one short thought per page. Include some favorite Bible verses or other quotes, plus pictures or drawings to illustrate.

Use a journal or a scrapbook.

Or use something like Blurb.

#5 Supply Her With the Tools of Her “Trade”

Ask her Mom what kind of tools (including big ones, like sewing machines) she most needs to help her learn the skills she needs, and buy her one.


Home Comforts: The Art and Science of Keeping House


You might need this: Sewing machine reviews and information.


#6 If You’re a Craftsman, Make Her Something

If you’re a woodworker, for example, you could make her a picture frame, treasure box, or cutting board (or whatever!).

#7 Do Something With Her

Hang out with her and help her with a project, or help her learn a new skill (or learn that skill along with her).


#8  Give Her Space to Work or Store Stuff

 She needs it!

12 Ways to Boost Your Daughter's Hope Chest This Christmas

#9 Take Her On a Shopping Trip . . .

 Of her choice or yours. It might be to: 

  • Buy supplies for a project
  • Learn how to shop
  • Buy things for her hope chest
  • Learn about products


# 10 Stock Her Kitchen (real or play)

For stocking a current play kitchen, try these sources:

Amazon.com ~ Kitchen toys

MightyNest ~ Imaginary Play



For the little girl’s play kitchen:

Melissa & Doug Let’s Play House! Pots Pans Set


For stocking a future real kitchen, try here:

MightyNest ~ Kitchenware

Amazon.com ~ Kitchen and dining

Etsy ~ Vintage kitchen and dining


For the young lady’s real kitchen:

Cast Iron Cookware & Bakeware | MightyNestCast Iron Cookware & Bakeware | MightyNest
from: MightyNest LLC



#11 Pay for a Class

Online or local.

Craftsy classes worth considering:


#12  If All Else Fails . . .

. . . get her a gift certificate!


Mighty Nest (non-toxic and healthier products, like kitchen stuff and tableware)

Craftsy (classes)

Etsy (vintage, handmade stuff, supplies)

Deborah & Co (homemaking DVDs, books)

Biblio.com (used and rare books)

Dover (books)

Almost every online store, and many local stores, offer gift certificates.


 How will you boost your daughter's hope chest this Christmas?


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